Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Like Your Job.....?

This is Brock and I don't post very often, but I figured this was worth mentioning. I just have a quick post about some people that have inspired me lately. I am sure many of you have seen the Liberty Tax Dancers out on a busy street corner dancing to advertise during tax season. Many of the "dancers" stand still and simply wave while others really "bust a move." In particular, there is a dancer on main street in Bountiful that really has it going on, and the most amazing thing about this guy is that he dances out there for hours and is grinning from ear to ear as he waves at all of the cars. I can tell that this guy is in his mid-30s and probably has a family of his own. First of all, when I see him, it makes me very grateful for my job. Second, it makes me think of how I choose to act while I perform my job each day. Although this guy probably had work elsewhere in recent months, he has now been forced to do anything he can to support himself and his family and he does it with a huge smile. This man has encouraged me to smile more each day and hopefully I can inspire someone else as he has inspired me.

Dancing Statue of Liberty


Mom and Dad said...

Brock,Thanks for reminding me it is all about how we choose to look at things. I am going to be smiling from ear to ear the whole time I am in the bunny costume this year. Love, Mom :)

Rachel said...

love this post, there is a liberty guy that stand on 400 S and 400 E and he is the same way, he waves and smiles to everyone who passes...every single day. thanks for the awesome reminder.

Aunt Lulu said...

Boy, did I need that! Sometimes we are so busy whining about silly things that we forget how lucky we are to have a job. If we say things are great often enough we will soon believe it.
Lots of Love, Aunt Lulu

Candice said...

Hey Brock and Arrienne!
We are students from USU and my husband recently got an internship at Bosch in Waiblingen.
We were wondering if you had any tips on finding an apartment or could tell us how you found yours. We're finding it to be a bit of a struggle, as you probably know! Since we weren't given your email address, we hope it's okay that we're leaving this comment here on your blog. If you have the time, we'd appreciate hearing from you!
Mark's email address is mark.mcdaniel(at) :)
Thanks a million!

Candice said...

Oh, if you're wondering how we found your blog, Krystn up at the university gave us your address. We hope that's okay! :)

Alyse said...

hey dear! i was noticing you have my old blog linked and you may already know, but we have a different blog.
Anyway, I wanted to talk to you after the ambassador dealio, but better luck next time i guess :) Hope all is well!