Thursday, March 4, 2010

My best friend the chef.

I just wanted to wish my forever friend Lindsey Scano a very happy birthday today!! We have been friends since pre-school and I love her to death. She has become the most AMAZING cook and will be graduating from culinary school this spring. So we had her come teach us a few tips in the kitchen and she put on a wonderful dinner.
These lovely appetizers were to die for!

As you can see the pears were my personal favorite. I had recurring dreams about them the next day. Yummy!!!

It was so fun to learn how to cook some wonderful dishes and just have a fun night together. I am so proud of you Linds!


The Scano's said...

wow Arr you are such a doll! Thanks you so much for the cute post! So have you tried making the pears yet? hahaha. you should soon so you can sleep better.

Danielle and Preston said...

yum! that looks so good! linds should have a cooking class and teach us all how to cook sweet stuff! it's official.