Sunday, July 11, 2010

Summer Vacation

I am personally loving the fact that I am back on the "Summer Vacation" schedule from the good old days. That is definitely one of the big perks of teaching elementary school. We are taking full advantage of the summer by having as much fun as we can. We went on an amazing trip to Hawaii with some great friends. We left the day after school let out and it was the best way to relax after finishing my first year!! Then a week later we had an awesome family vacation with Brock's family to California. The big highlight of the trip was attending the U.S. Open... Brock was in golf heaven along with his dad and brother. We have also absolutely LOVED having all of our family in town. Brock's sisters have been here from Arizona and my sister has been here from Vegas. I just love summer, family time, and all the great festivities!! It's all going so fast...
Getting ready for Hawaii

Aaaahhhhh so much fun!

Our awesome friends we went with Eric and Jessica Garner.

Enjoying the Cherry Days parade with our adorable niece Maylen.

Brock and Jake... this is what Brock looked like when he was a baby.
We love all of our nieces and nephews.
Hiking waterfall canyon and hauling baby Brighton the whole way just because I love him so much (and I wanted to burn lots of calories! haha)