Sunday, October 24, 2010

What have we been up to?

I have no excuse for being such a lame blogger! So here is a little update on our lives lately... in bullet form :)

  • We finished off our summer with a great trip to Lake Powell with my family.
  • I ran the Park City half marathon in August in 2 hours 10 minutes.
  • I began my 2nd year of teaching with only 24 students instead of 30 like last year. This school year has overall been a lot less stressful than last year because I am feeling a lot more organized and confident. It also helps that I just love 2nd graders!!! This is a picture of my first day of school just like my mom always took every year... lunch ready and all!
  • My classroom theme this year is owls- last year it was fish.

  • We enjoyed a great trip to Jackson Hole with Brock's family over Memorial Day weekend.

  • We moved out of "Lock it Up Storage" (no not an actual storage unit, we were in the apartment above the office haha) after living there for a year.

  • We moved into an adorable house that we LOVE!

  • I have experimented with my crafty side on various home projects. Here is a shelf I just painted.

  • We had a blast over fall break with our friends in Las Vegas- we took advantage of the 24 hour buffet pass, got in lots of shopping, and saw a Cirque De Soliel show.

  • Brock has been very busy with his medical sales job and has recently started a business with our brother-in-law called Hookease. They have manufactured and are selling a revolutionary ski training device. You can see it in action

  • I signed up for the Ogden Marathon in May which I am so excited for minus the training throughout the cold winter.

  • I made it through 2 days of parent teacher conferences.

  • We just got called to teach a primary class together in our new ward... so excited!

  • Overall we are staying really busy but trying to fit in as much fun as we can.