Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sun, Family, and Fun!

This past weekend we had a wonderful weekend visiting Brock's two sisters in Arizona. We celebrated baby Jake's birthday, Valentine's Day, and just enjoyed spending some quality time together!

It was so fun to see our cute niece Chloe, and our adorable nephew Jake. Brock made sure to bring Jake a Utah State shirt for his birthday. He's recruiting em at a young age now!

The girls had a fabulous day shopping in the best outlet mall in Arizona. This was one funny moment during the day when we found a great deal on jewelry and obviously took advantage of it!

Overall, it was a much needed vacation. We are so grateful to have such an awesome family. The only sad part was getting use to 70 degree weather and then coming home to a snow storm! I pretty much convinced myself that I could make Arizona my new home, but of course I haven't been there during the sweltering summers.

Here is a video of Jake putting himself to sleep after a long day of shopping...