Thursday, November 13, 2008

Best Friends.Hotel Cafe Tour. Loved Every Second!

My wonderful lifelong friend Lindsey gave me a really fun gift for my birthday this year. We went to the Hotel Cafe Tour, which was so awesome! The following artists were there... Meiko, Lenka, Rachel Yamagata, and Kate Havnevik, Emily Wells a.k.a "Delicious Vinyl" and some other awesome crazy oriental rocker girl (whose name I forgot.) All in all, it was a very fun night and a perfect way to celebrate my B-day! Thanks Linds! Love ya girl!

This is all four of us that went to the concert. Yes that is right four not five, we have no idea who the girl is in the background who thought she could also cheese it up for our fabulous picture. It was also so fun to hang out with Camie (Lindsey's sister) and her friend Amanda.

Lindsey and I met when we were about four years old and we have been friends since then. We have a lot of fun memories together and really she is more like a sister!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Festivities!

Brock and I decided to go as Johnny Cash and June Carter. I loved doing it for our first costume party, but for the next one I ditched the itchy wig (even though it was so fun to be a brunette and just decided to wear the witch hat! Brock still stuck with his costume.

Thanks to Lauren and JayD we had a great time on Halloween night!

This was called the "flour game" at my family Halloween party. We had to cut into pile of flour with a penny in the middle without letting the penny drop. If the penny fell into the flour on your cut you had to fish it out with your mouth... yummy!

My adorable nieces and nephews... love them all!