Wednesday, October 22, 2008

To dress up or not...

So last Halloween Brock and I went all out and dressed up as Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle. We met up with our family at Lagoon and when we got there we realized we were the only people dressed up. Then we found out that Lagoon doesn't allow people to dress up which explained why no one else had a costume. Then we realized that they still let us in with costumes and all. So the good old Lagoon staff thought that we regularly dressed this way? We changed out of the costumes shortly after that because surprisingly Brock wasn't enjoying his green pantihose! So this year we are not so sure that we will be dressing up or what we will be if we do! Any simple ideas that don't involve pantihose?

This was also a picture of last years Halloween festivities. We had a great time carving pumpkins! It's just a little shout out to my dear friend Rachel that I miss working with every day!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Weekend At Snowbird...

It is a tradition every year to spend a weekend at the SnowBird resort with my grandparents. This was Brocks first year to go and we had a great time! He especially loved it because the German October Fest was going on. Since that is where Brock served his mission, it was fun to have a small taste of the festivities.

This is my cute niece Oakley. We could hardly get her to crack a smile because her mom was out of town and she was feeling a bit neglected. haha

This is my dad stretching right before our big tennis match. If any of you know my dad you know that he is very passionate about his stretches... as you can see!

I must say I was pretty proud of my tennis performance. I am slowly getting better. We were pretty excited to beat my parents in our first match even though they killed us on the second.

Yummy, Yummy! As you can see, Brock really enjoys German food. I must say that I am still aquiring a taste for it. Hopefully I will begin to like it because we might be spending a summer in Germany very soon!