Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Six Things...

So my good friend Megan tagged me to say six things about myself that others probably don't know so here it goes!

1. I have a secret desire to be the star in a musical production. So I currently practice by belting out the Mama Mia soundtrack in my car haha and according to that I am far from being ready!

2. I wore braces for a little over 4 years. Before I had braces I had two huge vampire teeth at the very top of my gums. My sisters called them my "Titanic Teeth" because they were huge and "going down." It was pretty traumatic (haha not really) but I must say I am happy with the outcome today.

3. I currently hold a second job that entails a lot of janitorial work. This means that I get to wear a huge ghostbuster vacuum on my back. Brock laughs every times he sees me with it on.

4. My favorite hobby is getting a good workout. My new favorite workout is swimming. I just feel one with the water...jk but I want to learn better technique so that I can do a triathlon one day.

5. I absolutely love love Mac makeup. I definitely used to never care what kind of makeup I wore but now that I've used it I can't go back.

6. My nickname is Chuck and has been since I was a baby. My sisters gave me the nickname when I was born and I still answer to it, but only close family and friends are allowed to use it!

So hopefully you have been enlightened on a few more things about me. Some are embarassing and silly, but thats me!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Favorite Wedding Moments

Our wedding day was just perfect and we enjoyed every minute of it!