Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Holiday Fun...

We have thoroughly enjoyed every second of our Christmas break this year. It has been so nice to be out of school and spend our first year together during the holidays. We are so grateful we were able to be with our family over Christmas. We want to say thank you to our wonderful families for all the generous and wonderful gifts they gave. We have also been so grateful for our Savior Jesus Christ and that we were able to celebrate His birth and the gift of The Atonement.

This was a very thoughtful gift that was made by my cute and crafty husband. It is for my classroom when I start teaching next fall. It is just so adorable! And yes, he painted it all himself.

Brock enjoyed recieving a new pair of running shoes. Now he has no excuse not to exercise! (your welcome sweetie)

Yay! The whole family has matching jackets! We received so many nice gifts including a new video camera so hopefully we will be posting more videos!

We went up to Heber City to ride the "Polar Express" a.k.a a very slow train where you get a great view of the "North Pole" which is a few houses covered in lights. It was a fun and festive activity, but I may not have completely enjoyed it because I had a bad case of the stomach flu at the time which doesn't mix well with a train ride.

Little Miss Chloe was so excited to ride the train and go visit Santa at the North Pole. Don't kids just make Christmas so fun!

As you can see I was pretty sick at the moment, but I just didn't want to miss out on the family fun.

This is my cute niece Ivie who absolutely loves Brock.

Here is Ivie's adorable little brother Zander!