Friday, March 12, 2010

Do You Like Your Job.....?

This is Brock and I don't post very often, but I figured this was worth mentioning. I just have a quick post about some people that have inspired me lately. I am sure many of you have seen the Liberty Tax Dancers out on a busy street corner dancing to advertise during tax season. Many of the "dancers" stand still and simply wave while others really "bust a move." In particular, there is a dancer on main street in Bountiful that really has it going on, and the most amazing thing about this guy is that he dances out there for hours and is grinning from ear to ear as he waves at all of the cars. I can tell that this guy is in his mid-30s and probably has a family of his own. First of all, when I see him, it makes me very grateful for my job. Second, it makes me think of how I choose to act while I perform my job each day. Although this guy probably had work elsewhere in recent months, he has now been forced to do anything he can to support himself and his family and he does it with a huge smile. This man has encouraged me to smile more each day and hopefully I can inspire someone else as he has inspired me.

Dancing Statue of Liberty

Thursday, March 4, 2010

My best friend the chef.

I just wanted to wish my forever friend Lindsey Scano a very happy birthday today!! We have been friends since pre-school and I love her to death. She has become the most AMAZING cook and will be graduating from culinary school this spring. So we had her come teach us a few tips in the kitchen and she put on a wonderful dinner.
These lovely appetizers were to die for!

As you can see the pears were my personal favorite. I had recurring dreams about them the next day. Yummy!!!

It was so fun to learn how to cook some wonderful dishes and just have a fun night together. I am so proud of you Linds!

If your going to San Francisco....

We just went to San Francisco over Valentine's weekend with our bestest friends Garrett and Mckenzie. So here are some highlights from our fabulous trip.

Enjoying the USU game with our wonderful friends. (above)
The beautiful view of the bay at night.
Getting a little freaked out by the Alcatraz Jail cells.
The best breakfast ever!
Enjoying the night life.
Loving our boat ride.

The most beautiful sunset.
Brock and Garrett truly embracing the San Francisco way of living...

Best of all was all the riding on the trolley cars!