Wednesday, July 1, 2009

London in a Day

This past weekend we enjoyed a weekend trip in London which was really only one day. We left early Saturday morning, spent the day in London, and went back home Sunday morning. It was a very fun adventure and we packed it as full as we possible could. So here is how our day in London went.

We left our village at the bright hour of 5:00 a.m. so that we could make the bus into the city. Then we took a train to an airport, flew on a very cheap flight, and rode a bus into London. It all sounds like a hassle...which it was! But it was definitely worth it!
First stop was of course Buckingham Palace.
We had to make time to taunt the famous gaurds. I really think that job would stink because there are always crowds of people around them just laughing, taking pictures, and doing whatever they can to get them to move.
The mainstreet down from the Palace.
Our next stop was The National Gallery. This was filled with such amazing art. We saw so many beautiful paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Degat, and even from Leonardo Davinci.
How could we not go to London and get a shot in one of the red phone booths right!
We stopped for a moment of silence for Michael Jackson by the "Thriller" theatre. This picture is for my BFF Lindsey Scano because of the many many hilarious, crazy, and fun memories we share because of MJ songs and music videos haha.
I am not usually a fish eater, but you can't say you've been to London without eating "fish and chips" there and I must say it was delicious!
Quick stop at The Tower of London which is very cool inside, but since I have already been inside we skipped that part. We were on a bit of a time crunch to get it all in.
A lovely picture moment at The London Bridge.
"Big Ben" tower at The Palace of Westminster
We ended our fabulous day by seeing the show "We Will Rock You." It is a musical based on the music by "Queen." It was so awesome! This was definitely the big highlight of our trip. The best part of the whole show was at the end when they finally sang "Bohemian Rhapsody." The whole crowd went absolutely crazy.

London is such a fun (and expensive!) city. Also keep in mind that we left out pictures of the hours of walking, and rides on the Metro we did! We were so glad we went even though it was only one day.


The Hansen's said...

That looks like so much fun! Especially the musical! Miss you girl!

Aunt Lulu said...

You guys are such adventurers! What a wonderful way to experience London. And to get a kickin' deal on the flight makes it all the better! Way to pack the fun onto just one short summer!
Lots of Love, Aunt Lulu

Chris and Hay said...

It all looks so fun! I seriously can't look at your blog because I get so jealous!! Sorry I missed your call this morning I was at work...but I'll call you tomorrow morning (afternoon for you ;) And ps when I heard about MJ the first thing I thought of was you and Lins! ha ha you two make me laugh!

Christine said...

Wow, so many adventures. You will remember this summer forever!

Steph and Brady said...

You lucky girl! It looks like you two are having such a blast! I am jealous! London looks like an awesome place! I love all of the pictures! I am glad you are having fun and staying busy!

Morgan Greaves said...

How fun...London in a day! I would like to do that someday :)

The Scano's said...

Wow thanks for the shout out! When we go to london together in a few years...Lets go to a fashion show. Is the fashion so crazy there?

The Froerer's said...

Looks like you are having bunches of fun! Your hair looks like it's getting longer too. I don't know if you intend to grow it out or if you just don't have someone to cut it;) but it looks cute regardless. Mom said she had fun with you. And we'll all be together in Lake powell next year so keep those dreams alive!