Friday, July 24, 2009

Packing it all in....

Oh my goodness! We have been doing so much lately it feels a little overwhelming to blog about. So here are some glimpses into what we have been up to. The time has gone so fast and I can hardly believe that I will be home in a little over a week. We have been so grateful for the many many awesome experiences we have been enjoying!

The vineyards are all blooming right now so our little village looks gorgeous! Our pictures don't quite do it justice. We have been wishing we could have Camille Garrison just come and take our pictures for us haha!

It is so fun to ride our bikes on the many trails around our house. I am trying to enjoy it all before I have to come home.
This is my new friend forever Esther. I just love her! She is the sweetest, most fun girl ever. I want to be just like her. She also speaks perfect English because she served a mission in the states. I just wish I could bring her home with me.

This is the Muller family. They are such a neat family and we love spending time with them. They have been so gracious to invite us over a few times.
Esther and her brother Micah. Both of them are so great! He speaks great English as well because he served a mission in England. So you can see one reason why I personally love hanging out with them.
This is me on an elderly field trip if you couldn't already tell that I am the only one without the need of a walker haha. The cute lady right next to me is Christa. She is Esther's grandma and since I have some extra time on my hands she likes to invite me to do things with her. So this was quite the adventure! I laugh every time I look at this picture.

We finally made it to the beautiful Frankfurt Temple. I was really grateful that we made this trip. I also realized how grateful I am to have so many temples so close in Utah. I definitely need to take more advantage of this great blessing.
While in Frankfurt, we also got to spend the day with one of Brock's favorite mission companions- Elder Dong. It was so much fun! This is the companion that I thank for teaching Brock how to make yummy Chinese food. We had a blast at this Chinese restaurant where you cook your own food on the grill in the middle.
I completed my German class with flying colors. I definitely understand so much more which has been nice during the moments that Brock talks and talks...and talks to people in German. So I can usually follow the conversation, but not participate as much. I can say a lot as well, I just get a little nervous to say much. As you can see, I was able to meet a lot of cool people from all over the world. Their are six more classes they all have to take to get jobs. So I only got the first introductory course.
We had so much fun in Hamburg hanging out with this awesome couple. This is Steve and Babett. Brock baptized Steve right before he came home and then Steve baptized his wife six months later. It is a really awesome story and they are still doing so great! They are such a neat couple. Babett is also an amazing clothes designer and she specializes in wedding dresses.
Hamburg is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.
On the docks in Hamburg.
After our time in Hamburg we rode a train the the beatiful city of Luebeck. Brock spent seven months of his mission in this city so we had a lot people and places to see. We got to stay with the nicest ward members. I was so grateful that I could meet all the people that Brock had grown so close to throughout his two years.

I absolutely loved Luebeck! It is so gorgeous. Their are many buildings that didn't get ruined in the war and they are so neat.

This is the old hospital.
This is the devil outside the cathedral... can't really explain why I'm kissing him. Don't take it to seriously :)

We got a great tour of the city from the Lutter family. We were so grateful for their kindess while we stayed with them. This is their daughter Sarina and her husband Michael.

We came on the perfect weekend of the big ward party. So Brock got to see all of the ward members he loves!
We had lots of fun playing dominoes with the Lutters. I was proud of myself because even though I don't speak German I still beat everyone by a long shot- dominoes just happens to be one of my families favorite games.
We enjoyed a delicious BBQ with the Lutters and other ward members. Brock said it was cool because it was just like the BBQ they had put on for him before he left that area. We had such a fun weekend and we were sad to say goodbye to all the people we got to spend time with. It has been so neat to see how the church truly is the same all over the world and the members are just as loving and generous.


Kami @ Sweet Charli... said...

Wow! What a great experience! I didn't know you were coming home so soon!

Ben and Camille said...

Oh my gosh you are way too sweet girl! Your pictures are AWESOME!! Looks like SO much fun and that's so great that your mom came lucky!!! Guten Tag!

Michelle said...

What fun things you are experiencing!! Sounds like you guys are fitting a ton of fun things in. That's sad you will be leaving soon but we are happy to have you back!

Unknown said...

This is Mom on Rian's account.
The pictures are great. I am so happy that you have taken full advantage of your time in Germany. It brought back memories to see Steve and Babbitt and the Lutters and who could forget Elder Dong. Arrienne, we can't wait to have you home. I am ready to get to work in your classroom. Love, Mom

Aunt Lulu said...

Wow! What amazing pics. It really brought back pleasant memories of our visit to your mission. How great that you got to spend time with the Lutters and the other members and friends in Lubek. It's fun that you got to spend time with Elder Dong. What a guy. I'm so glad that you are having so many great experiences. You guys are fantastich!
Lots of Love, Aunt Lulu

The Hansen's said...

I am so happy you updated your blog! I check it daily to see how my lovely German friend is doing. We miss you! We went to Leah's wedding today and it was beautiful. We chatted teacher stuff and needed your ideas. When is it you are coming home?