Thursday, June 25, 2009

An Assortment of fun...


Brock and I went to the Mercedes-Benz museum last Saturday. It is in Stuttgart and it was so awesome. It is probably one of the coolest museums I have ever been to. The museum has displays of world history along with the cars to give you a good idea of where all the cars and inventions fit into history.

Here is Brock with the first cars ever made.
These exhibits were awesome!
Wish you had one of these huh...
We toured the museums with some great audio devices that gave us the downlow on just about everything. You would just point them at the object you wanted to learn about to hear something.

There was so much to see in the museum. We spent over three hours there. So next time your in Stuttgart, this is one place we recommend

Europa Park

This last Monday we headed to the great theme park of Germany called "Europa Park." It is like their own Lagoon/DisneyLand. It was a really fun park with a lot of awesome rides. As you can see, I was very excited to get there!
This is Timo and Christina. She works with Brock as another intern at Bosch. We were happy that they came with us. They are both from Germany, but speak great English.

The rollercoasters were so awesome here! This is the largest drop on a rollercoaster that I have ever been on. Brock was trying to pull out the camera when we were at the top of the drop to try and get a good pic and I was freaking out and telling him to put the camera away!! Geez, as if I wasn't nervous enough already :)

I Love My Mom

My mom is currently on a Europe tour with my aunt, cousin, and a big group of others. It is the same trip that she and I took four years ago together. So on Tuesday I got a call that they would be in Munich that evening. I had totally forgot that my mom would be in Germany that day. I wasn't sure if I would get to see her because it is about three hours away to get there. I am also not to confident about traveling alone. But of course since I have such a wonderful husband he made it all happen! We found a carpool online to get us there at night. Brock got me to the hotel where my mom was and then had to turn right back around and go home with another carpool since he had to work the next morning. I was so excited to see my mom! We had so much fun together. Isn't she just so gorgeous! I always hope I look as good as my mom when I get older.
I tagged along with their tour group and we visited the Dachau Concentration camp. It is a very sobering experience to see it first hand. This is the memorial statue that they have there.

Here is my Aunt Cindy, me, my mom, and my cousin Jody. It was so fun to be with them. My mom and and aunt are quite funny when they are together so there were lots of laughs going on.
We also visited the BMW museum in Munich. So I really got my fair share of cars after being to two museums.
This is what my dad would have been doing if he were with us. So my mom was doing some great demonstrations for us on how the engines work (even though she has no idea)... it was quite hilarious and pretty much sounded like what my dad would say!
I was proud of myself because I had to lead the way home for my family after the museum since the whole tour group didn't go there. I was a little nervous because Brock usually just takes care of that, but with a little direction and a little of my German we made it back!
We had a great dinner after a great day of shopping, laughing, and sightseeing. It was so fun to meet up with my mom four years later on the same trip in the same places we had gone together. It was funny to think that four years ago I was in Europe wondering what would happen with Brock and I because he had just left on his mission. Now we are married and living here! So I guess all my day dreams came true from that trip.
I stayed with my mom for two nights and then their group was off on their next adventure. I was sad to say goodbye. Brock had everything set up easily for me so that I made my way home on the train without any problems.


Rachel said...

you two are doing so many fun things! what great memories! you do take after your mom, you are both gorgeous. love the up date arrienne. and i love remembering the days when we wondered what our future held...i just laugh at all of our great memories! haha, love ya!

Kylee said...

It's so fun to see all the AMAZING things you are up to! What an adventure. Ry would love those car museums - maybe we'll have to make a quick trip to Germany... That's so great you got to meet up with your Mom - sounds like you had a blast together. Crazy what can happen in 4 years huh! 4 years from now you could have 4 kids - haha - wow jk. Oh and if you aren't off on some other crazy adventure next summer you HAVE to run the Ragnar Relay - you would love it!

Knudsen Crew said...

It is fun to see what the gals are doing on the trip. That is awesome that you got to meet up with the tour group. Looks like you are having an awesome time in Germany. Thanks for the update!

Kylee said...

Looks like so much fun. Who knew that Germany had so many gems! Arr, you look beautiful, just like your mom! We miss you guys and can't wait to see you in the fall. Love you guys!

Jessie said...

I am glad that you got to spend a couple of days with the two red heads. They are trouble! Not sure why they got to go again to Europe this time without us. (Well not completely without you.) I am glad that everything worked out for you with Brock. Looks like you are lovin' being married and living in Germany!

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys are having the time of your lives and making lots of fun memories! What a fun adventure. I'm a little jealous :).

Mom and Dad said...

Arrienne, I am so happy that you were able to meet up with your mom. It looks like you had such a fun time. Great pictures. Every day I am so grateful that you two are able to have this experience. Love, Mom

Nick & Lindsey said...

Oh I can just imagine how funny your mom is and how much laughing you must have been doing! So I wish we could be talking on the phone. Also Michael jackson!!Hello. YOu are the first person I thought of when I heard he had died. All the childhood memories. We were little crazies.

Jared & Shanee said...

Hey it's Shanee. I hope you remember me. I got your blog off of Megan Hales. It is so fun to see all the adventures you've been on. I bet the first time we went to Europe together you didn't think you'd be living there. That's awesome. My email is email me and I'll add you to my blog. Good to see ya & hope to hear from you soon. looks like life is great.

Nicole said...

You guys look like you are having so much fun. I really am jealous! I can't get Jake to leave South Ogden for more than 10 days at a time haha.