Sunday, May 24, 2009

Czech this out!

(Charles Bridge, Prague Castle)
Hey everyone,
This is Brock, and I am going to post this time.  I know that there are "many" of you that have been waiting patiently for me to dazzle you with my words again, and I do apologize for the wait.  Okay,enough with the crapski. (We just got back from the Czech Republic and a lot of things end with "ski", like "I would like a drinkski", "can I have a sausageski", by the way if you don't talk like this they don't understand, jk).  

We left on Wednesday night for Prague. Usually, it is about a four-hour drive, but apparently everyone else decided to drive to Prague on vacation too.  Well there was also construction and they moved all of the traffic on to one side of the freeway.  You know how in America, when they do this they just give give each direction one lane, Germany they have come up with a much better idea.  In Germany they squeeze all four lanes on to one side of the freeway (aka bad idea). So there is a wall, you, and a semi that is taking up your lane.  After a change of underpants, we made it safely through the construciton and it was smooth sailing all the way to Prague.  We got there at about 2 in the morning and luckily found our hotel. 

The first day we got down to the city and just as we got there, there was a guided tour leaving.  We signed up and went on a six hour tour of the city, which included lunch and a boat ride.  It was so awesome!  Prague has an amazing history.  The tour guide was able to tell us some interesting information about how Prague was before the Iron Curtain came down in 1989.  

So you are probably wondering what this picture is all about.  Well Friday it was my birthday, and I wanted to go golfing so I did.  There was a course within walking distance of our hotel (in Prague of all places) and I was able to rent some clubs and go play.  It was really fun, even though the set they gave me only had 5 clubs.  Arrienne couldn't play with me, but she makes a heck of a caddy! 

Old Town Square Church Tower.  Arrienne was reluctant to take this picture because getting close to the edge "made her bum hurt", I think there are a few of you who understand what this means.  
Old Town Square Tower.  It was an amazing view.  Do you like my pose?

For my Birthday we went to a Medieval Tavern where we had all you can eat food and entertainment.  They had sword fighting, belly dancing (Oo lah lah), and fire shows.   
These are some of the performers.  By the way if any of you are wondering what happened to Zach from the show "Little People Big World", he can be found working the stage at the Medieval Tavern.

Arrienne got to hold a huge snake, it was really gross.  I was proud of her because she had to really build up some courage to do it.

Our cool Prague T-Shirts!

Overall, we had tons of fun in Prague.  We ate a lot of sweets and were able to see one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe!


Ben and Camille said...

embarrassingly enough...i think i know exactly what she means by 'it makes my bum hurt' need to explain further, i guess i'm one of the few! :) awesome guys!

Jessie said...

So jealous. I wanted to play golf when I was in Europe. What a way to celebrate your birthday! Hope you had a good one!

Chris and Hay said...

How fun!!! Arr that picture of you holding the snake makes MY bum hurt! You're brave! Happy Birthday Brock! I'm glad you guys are able to get out and explore! Miss you!

Mom and Dad said...

Brock and Arrienne, what a birthday trip, makes up for all of those lame birthday trips to St. George, right Brock??? I am so excited and proud of you both all at once. Prague is beautiful and you both look so happy. Can't wait to until this weekend. Arrienne first off, we hit the bakery. Love you, Mom

Mom and Dad said...
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Kylee said...

Great post, B-dub. I especially enjoyed the title. You both look really good. Brock, I think the German pastries have really done something for your figure. Arr, your bum hurting is just another reason that you and I are MFEO as SIL's. Love you guys!

Kat said...

oooh! I love Prague! Such a beautiful city! crack me up!

The Froerer's said...

looks like you've had fun and Happy Birthday Brock!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Brock! How awesome that you got to spend it in Prague!

Aunt Lulu said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brock! Wow! I've always wanted to visit Prague. It looks like such an amazing city. Your photos are unbelieveable. The height thing makes me fall right to my hands and knees, sobbing and crawl to the inner most wall! Golf in Czech, ya gotta love it!

Lil Miss jennie said...

Arrienne, Youre husbands blogs make me laugh! You guys sure look like youre having the best time there! Im sooo jealous of anyone that gets to go to Europe that is a lifetime dream of mine! Sure makes Utah seem dull and boring lol

take care hun!

The Hansen's said...

Alright... I MISS YOU ARRIENNE! Come home so we can talk and get excited about teaching. Okay not really... I mean I miss you but I know you are having the time of your lives over there right? How is your German coming along? I am so excited for next year! You know Anna got a job too right? We are lucky! I moved in my teaching stuff today!