Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All Alone!

As most know, Arrienne said her last goodbyes to beautiful southern Germany and made her way back to Utah this last week. It isn't always easy to be in a new place with different people, a different language, and different challenges, but Arrienne did awesome and I will always cherish our summer here together. We did so many things and saw so many beautiful places that we probably wouldn't have been able to do at any other time in our lives. Arrienne did great learning German and adjusting to the culture. By the end of the summer she could really communicate well and express many things to the Germans. What I was most proud of is that she bore her testimony in German the last two Fast Sundays we were here in Germany. I love you sweetie and am so grateful that I have such a beautiful wife that is willing to go out on a limb and be adventuresome!

Arrienne's last night over looking our beautiful village.
Taking Arrienne to the airport. I am glad we got this picture because on the train ride to the airport and at the airport it was all tears! Isn't she a fox!?!

So my supervisors here at work decided "conveniently" that they would take vacation right after Arrienne left, and since I can only take time off when they are gone, I also took a few days off. Another intern and I headed up to Berlin (the capital of Germany) and it was awesome!
This is at the Olympic Stadium. They had the 1936 olympics here. This the stadium that Hitler stormed out of after the American Jesse Owens won four gold medals.
We watched a soccer game at this stadium and it was hilarious. I thought there were some pretty crazy Jazz fans, but we've got nothing on these guys. I don't think I have ever seen so many Germans get emotional after they won!
This is a huge airport hanger that was built out in the middle of no where. It was built in order to manufacture the biggest planes in the world but it never became a hanger. Just to give you a better idea of how big it is, they could fit the Statue of Liberty inside.
So after they built it and didn't use it as a hanger, an Asian Investor came in and turned into a huge tropical "island" All of the plants and trees that you see there are real, and that it real sand as well. It is so cool! I took the picture from the top of the biggest water slide in Germany.
Here is a picture of a German father and son. Don't act like you dont like it! I hope my kids are in to this kind of thing.

The Berliner Bear.
Brandenburg Gate.
Here is picture of the Berlin wall. They let people come each year to repaint it.
To be short in writing, this city has so much world history and it is definitely a must see when coming to Europe.


Ben and Camille said...

oh sad. i know how hard it is to say goodbye. i've done it 3 times now!! ben's been traveling like crazy! that's SO fun that you guys got to spend the summer in germany, what a cool place and like you said, you'll always cherish those memories.

The Froerer's said...

Poor Brocky! Not too much longer and you'll be reunited with Air dog but then that also means your adventure is over. It looks like you two have had tons of fun. And don't lie Brock, I know that's you in the picture with the striped speedo.

Michelle said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun summer together, that's awesome that you were able to spend that time together in Germany!... Love the speedo pic, lol!

Lindsey said...

Sounds like such a fun summer!!!! Orlando and I have been dying to live abroad for jealous! :)